The nurse in today’s world must be ready to deal with the legal and ethical dilemmas they may face. This section of the website will be an information center on such topics as new cases, documentation, social media dangers, tips for staying out of trouble along with many interesting articles.

What would you do?

If you are asked to review a patient’s chart by the husband who is a friend of a friend to explain test results or lab values – should you?


Factors to consider:

  • What are the policies and procedures of the facility?

  • Is this a HIPAA violation?

  • Do you need the consent of the patient?

  • If you access a patient’s chart and the patient is not your patient can this be grounds for a nursing disciplinary action and legal action?

  • Is this a breach of privacy?

Did you know...

  • Documentation is the best defense for a nurse to protect against disciplinary actions and medical malpractice suits.

  • Danger zones of liability for nurses include such things as:

    • Failure to properly and timely document

    • Failure to timely and properly notify the physician of changes in the patient’s condition

    • Failure to timely and properly monitor the patient

    • Failure to prevent decubitus ulcers

    • Failure to prevent patient intravenous (IV) and/or IV Push patient injuries




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