Common Grounds for Disciplinary Actions

Many nurses find themselves in situations involving incidents that can affect their nursing licenses and livelihoods. Beware and be aware of the common grounds for disciplinary action.

  • Narcotic diversion or discrepancies

  • Documentation errors

  • Failure to use proper judgment

  • Failure to practice safely

  • Failure to report previous criminal record

  • Falsification of documents

  • Practicing outside of the scope of nursing practice

  • Practicing without a valid license

  • Convicted of a crime which shows the nurse is unable to practice with regard for the patient’s safety and health

  • Falsifying information on the renewal or application

  • Aiding and abetting a criminal

  • Patient abuse

  • Committing Medicare/Medicaid fraud

  • Sexual misconduct

  • Breach of patient confidentiality

  • Failure to maintain technical competence

  • Misappropriating/stealing items

  • Failure to properly delegate or supervise

  • Positive drug screen for drugs or alcohol

  • Guilty of moral turpitude

  • Failure to report to the Board that you are a HIV or Hepatitis B carrier

  • License restrictions in another state

  • Failure to cooperate with the Board

  • Failure to report providers who are practicing in an unsafe, unethical or illegal manner

  • Aiding and abetting someone who violated the Nurse Practice Act

  • Found to be legally insane or mentally incompetent by the judicial courts

  • Violated state or federal laws relating to the practice of nursing

  • Violated state or federal laws related to state or federal narcotics or controlled substance law

  • Violated rules or orders adopted by the Board

  • Violated consent orders or diversionary/recovery nurse contract

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